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Originally Posted by RealGambler View Post
Wow, you're really showing how inexperienced you are! This video is truly impressive. Not just for the technology (being able to fly 100 airplanes at once), but simply because they stayed in the air for sooooo long. Try it with only 5 similar airplane and see how long it will take you to either hit another airplane or start flying the wrong airplane by mistake, and you'll see why this video is truly impressive. We are talking about 100 pilots who probably never flew those Trojan before, sharing very little airspace and keeping track for their own airplane over 99 other similar airplane. Keeping most of them in the air for so long, under those conditions, is blowing my mind.

You know what, based on your comment, I would bet you never flew with more than 2 other similar aircraft in the air at the same time...
It is very hard to use that video as an indictment of Spektrum. There is just way too much going on. Now, a video that shows a sole aircraft operating normally and then behaving like you turned the Transmitter off, that's another thing.
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