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Originally Posted by jackerbes View Post
In a posting on another thread, Ron van Sommeren, (a resident power systems genius) said to user jackerbes:

"..I think you have made a mistake in the efficiency calculation somewhere Jack. 50% is dreadful, even the worst of the worst motors do better. Of that number were correct, your motor would get veryvery hot, if not burn up instantly..."

User jackerbes replied to him as follows:

"..Well, then I must have made a mistake. Do you want to take the numbers from the testing I reported on the DAT-750 thread (no load tests and various prop tests) and see if you can get better numbers? These are the numbers I used at

Io 1.81
V1 10.85
I1 9.97
RPM1 5540
V2 10.52
I2 12.20
RPM2 4495
Weight 78

Graphed results:
Kv: 828.5375
Io: 1.81
Rm: 0.4176048
Voltage: 10.5
Weight: 78
Motor: DAT750LRK800

I am new to efficiency and the calculator. That I made a mistake in using it would not surprise me at all. ..."

So maybe the abysmally low efficiency I reported earlier is wrong and this really is an OK motor? That would be good news!

So maybe Ron will reply here and we can get this sorted out a little better.

We'll wait and see what happens now...



What is the Kv

Your reading., not for specification.

I use Drive calculator. is best for graphic motor.

Manuel V.
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