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Most of us who've been around a bit (even if not very active) know the Airtronics Stylus and Vision were one of the full house radios of choice for some time. I had a Vision for a long time and as 72mhz went, they were the bomb if you could not afford a Stylus and Glider card.

For example there is a Vision on eBay for $135.

I'll simply mention that for reasons pointed out by an owner, the DX-6i - which I was considering, was not easy to setup for a full house glider because the programming is really for powered planes and heli's. I was thinking DX-6i as adjunct to my SD-10G just for Bind n Fly stuff (like a Blade Heli). I wound up finding a JR9303 2,4ghz for $200 on eBay and it works perfectly. I spent $100 more than a used DX-6i but now I have two VERY capable transmitters. No one was disparaging (or meant to) the DX-6i

Here's a 9303 2.4 that will probably go for around $200 to $250

* Neither are my auctions. I am simply saying I would not hesitate to tell someone who wanted to get into full house ships to look for a used ATX or JR on eBay

BTW: I finally picked up two used blade heli's and wouldn't you know it, they come with a DX-6i! I'll be sell that puppy.
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