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Agreed, I came back to the hobby about 5 years ago due to the brushless motors and lipo batteries being so much easier and quieter and cheaper then nitro, I have seen them get better and better and cheaper and cheaper to the point where they outperform a nitro plane in performance and cost of running.
I discovered the lifepo4 a123 packs a couple of years ago after having to throw away lots of lipo packs which lasted between 6 months and 2 years tops which in itself is not bad and although lipos are better and cheaper now I still love the a123 packs for their robustness and fit them in any plane that will take the weight, I have only had one cell drop from 850mah to 500mah which I REPLACED THAT cell now the pack has 800mah, all the rest are still at full capacity apart from one pack which has 700mah but has seen over 1000 cycles of total discharge in 8 mins and fast charged in 10 mins in a rc truck. That makes them even cheaper to run then lipos!
nigelsheffield is online now Find More Posts by nigelsheffield
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