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Problem finding CG

Hi all; Re the Sbach 342 non AS3X version:
HK-USA came thru for me & my 180 NanoTechs arrived in this morning's mail; charging 'em up right now & getting things ship-shape hoping to maiden tomorrow.

This sounds nuts & I've balanced planes literally hundreds of times, so not a complete noob at it, awright?
First, I very precisely measured & placed a tiny silver dot at the manual's prescribed 29mm CG point behind LE @ root.

Then I started as the manual prescribes, trying to locate the LiPo so's to balance on that point.
Thing is, I simply cannot get the plane to balance ANYWHERE!!! Battery full forward comes closest, but is still tail-heavy. Wires to front, or to rear, no diff. I've been full-forward to full-rearward (but there comes a point where you KNOW it'll just be more tailheavy, & dumb to try....but I did anyway.) Even tried a different LiPo (got 3)....same-o, same-o. OK, you'd think, just start adding some weight in small increments.

But first, I thought I'd see where it is balancing before writing this, by shifting my jig's balancing points forward (& rearward as it turned out).
But it's crazy....the. dang. thing. just. will. not. BALANCE! I've never seen anything like it! My jig holds 2 upright new pencils; trimmed down erasers are the resting poiints. I get it very close to balancing - very slightly tail-heavy....move the plane - one side actually - about 0.5mm rearward, & the plane falls forward hard & off the jig, not teetering a bit before beginning to fall as I usually see when 'getting close'.

I even reduced the resting point size by using the lead points of two other pencils, trying to get the location down to a fine point (no pun intended) So HELP me, moving the width of one pencil point makes it fall off the opposite direction it did before the adjustment. Repeatedly Every time! Oh - and I'm inside; no fans, nothing....dead still air. I'm not even breathing on it!! IT'S CRAZY WEIRD!

This isn't just a one-shot-&-give up thing either -- I've been going at it for well over a half hour now....and it's about to drive me nuts! I've searched this forum & not found anything definitive. So, in desperation I finally decided to ask -- anyone else get these kinda results? & for gawdssakes, what did you do to fix it?????
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