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Originally Posted by SkippyTBK View Post
Yes I agree, for the money it cost its not so "plug and play" as it should be. The instruction manual is unreadable and it is quite difficult to get working out of the box. The GCS is not intuitive either. Then I find you have to go and hack the Ipad to make it work as well and that's a hell of a task in it self. Now Google earth plugin isn't working and then the system to have GCS connected via a router system is just very poor. Who the hell want to lug a router out into the field with them?? Whats so hard to just plug a data unit with USB into the lap top like most UAVs have? How si the GCS suppose to link up and you also have internet as well for Google Earth to work properly?

I have been using the DIY Arducopter for over a year and this is all community project which is not that easy, buts its very low cost and it seem a lot more advanced in many ways. I thought I would buy one of these so called out of the box systems to see how they compare. After this experience it seem no easier and actually probably more difficult in the end, but at 8 time the cost.

Its taken me 2 days so far to try set it up, but seems its locked me out for some reason so Ive yet to see if it fly's to expectations. Over all to date it seems very half done and way to expensive for that.
Actually it is not difficult to set up. If you use the "install guide" on the android GCS, and just follow the instructions. Once you have it working you will be extremely happy.

Before you bought the system, surely you must have read about using a wifi router or having to use a hotspot on an android tablet or having to use a jail broken iphone/tablet!!

You mentioned that you loaded the 50 waypoint FW. Did you pay for that upgrade? Or did you download it from ZeroUAV website? That FW was meant for only certain serial numbers and I am sure yours was not one of them, so I am not sure what you can do to remove that. Maybe reinstall the original FW.

We are here to help you, but unless you tell us what your problem is, we cannot do that
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