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I got to fly Larry's Aspire at Visalia. Once it was up, you couldn't tell it apart from any other Aspire (except that it was lighter than what I usually fly my Aspires at Since the electric versions don't have to withstand the punishing F3J launches, the wing and tail layups can be pretty light, so, yes, the electric versions can actually be lighter than the Aspire ST's.

I think Larry is homing in on the right layup combination for the electric version to where you only need to swap the fuselages for ALES and F3J/TD. Now you'll be able to fly all events and most of the plane will be common to them. No need for a "specialized" electric version (of the wings and stab) that can only be used for ALES or F5J.

I have a Disser Aspire that had been for sale (since I replaced it with a fleet of slightly heavier Aspire ST's). No one was interested, but now it will see new life as an an electric version. Without having to set up launch equipment on an appropriately sized field, I can now get in more flying since I can electric launch out of nearly any field near my home (Larry can just walk out his front door at home and launch). ALES competition should prove popular because it's MOM (the only way to fly) and many more flying sites are suitable. I think soaring has diminished on the West Coast due to the nature of TD. All the MOM/F3J contests are packed and all the TD/landing contests are dying. I suck at landing contests. I'd rather go MOM in the air and do some SOARING. I think everyone else would too.

Larry, where's my electric fuse? I can't wait.
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