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Originally Posted by jedorme View Post
That's kind of what I thought before I read the "stick stirring" suggestions, as I have had HH working on takeoff, but you never know what you might be missing! But I really appreciate the added ideas about using it with the taildraggers & just hearing from others who have been using the G is really a big help. So far I am the only one using it at my field, & I traveled in an RV this summer & flew at another field, & the folks there also had not seen one before. So this forum is as far as I know the only real source of info & help with using it, other than contacting Eagle Tree. So many thanks again.

To the best of my knowledge I was the first to use the phrase Stiring the Sticks and that was when I was using 2D and 3D only by way of Gear Switch.

I would point the aircraft in the desired heading for a hand realease then Stir the Sticks while in 3D mode so that all surfaces would center add throttle and release.

If yo have Off available as I do now with a 3 Pos. Mode Sw. I just leave it switched to Off ,point it ,Sw. to 3D advance throttle and release.

Fo takeoff same thing Off till lined up for takeoff run Sw, to 3D advance throttle and takeoff just same as normal. Guardia manages the rudder to maintain the disired heading and the Ails. to keep the wimngs level all the pilot has to do is manage throttle and elevator. Same thing during landings. Turn onto Final. Reduce throttle ,add a little up elevator and hold it and use throttle to control decent and Guardian maintains heading and keeps the wings level.

IMO most are over thinking and or figfhting with the Guardian. 2D if great for a taring aid and for emergency bailouts but to me does not feel natural at all.

Off is great for use when carrying the model to prevent servos from getting stalled and could save your bacon if the guardian was not securely mounted and start to flop around. Not really aan issue as same applies to any gyro system, if it moves during flight you crash.There is no Off for most Gyro systems ,Heli tail gyros and FBL unit are either in Rate Mode or Head Hold Mode.

I believe most experienced pilot would be completly happen with only 3D (set as Default and using a remote Gain for aircraft which have a vey large flight speed envelop.

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