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Originally Posted by C₄H₁₀ View Post
You just have a reverse-rotation prop. A normal prop, when seen from behind, will indeed spin clockwise. A reverse-rotation (or "reverse-pitch") prop will spin CCW.

I'm guessing you bought the prop because it was labeled as a "pusher prop", and you thought you needed one of those because the PopWing is a pusher plane, right?
Ummm yeah I think it did say that it was a pusher prop... but that's not really the whole reason that I bought it, I just looked at the wall o' props in the LHS and chose some 7'' ones it'll still work, it came perfectly balanced. In fact, I think with the opposite torque, it might do better because the video TX is on the left side of the wing (when looking from back). That's probably why I couldn't get it trimmed out, either... hmmmm

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