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Originally Posted by JerryScript View Post
Thanks! I would have wasted time if you hadn't explained it so well. I didn't take into account the rigidness of the wing spars.

I am now confused as to why it's difficult on some of these to trim for both powered flight and gliding, I had thought the offset ballast was the reason.
Im no engineer or anything, but the reason for that is simple imo.

Lets consider this:

The left wing leaves a bit more gap than the right wing, i could confirm that by pushing the bird up and down at like 1kp/h by seeying the left wing makes more of a parachute shape than the right wing.

What Mr Kjell confirmed my idea with his own test, he had placed the holes further so it will stress the wings more, his conclusion was more speed.

So less gap = more rigidity which results in more speed.

But now is the problem, more rigidity means less parachute effect, which will make the bird glide less effective as it sinks forward faster.

Get the point?

When you are flapping quick you having the right wing beying more rigid produces better results than the left wing as that is loosing power by having to make a bigger angle untill it actually starts shifting the air, making the bird turn left at all times.

When you are gliding however, the left wing is now better, because it has a parachute effect larger than the right more rigid wing, so the right wing now sinks, this now makes the bird go right.

I have tested over 10 wings, ive only found 1 good pair of wings that actually made it glide properly and fly properly, unfortunatelly when the bird landed (hard) on the ground the wings broke long time ago (yeah u can actually break those wings).

Adjusting the direction with the alluminium tape is a not a good solution, because it will have the same problem at different speeds, lets assume u balance it so in full throtle it finally goes straigth, now u loose the gliding ability as now it turns even worse to the right in away it can be impossible to control the steering in that gliding mode.

This is what ive come up with, feel free to contradict me if im not right, im not here to show off i too want to get rid of this problem once and for all xD
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