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Don' Do It!

Naturally, as the size of the aircraft goes up and the complexity of the aircraft goes up, the cost goes up. And if you use top quality parts, you pay. You can buy cheaper stuff and try to save money but some people feel that when you get to this size they would be more comfortable with brand name receivers, ESC and servos. Cheaper motors can save quite a bit and, afterall, the motor is just for the climb. If it craps out you may still be able to fly for an hour.

After you get this in the air, then you are going to want a better radio. That DX6i or Hitec Optic Sport may have been fine for your Radian Pro or your parkflyers but, "this is a real sailplane", or so you tell yourself, so more money.

Then you will fall in love with soaring even more so you will want an even better glider. You visit Esprit and start looking at wing loading and airfoils. You visit Kennedy Composites and drool over the Supra and the Maxa.

Your read about Altitude Limited Electric Soaring, ALES. You learn there is a contest near you, so you buy a CAM unit and go play. And you LOVE IT!

Next thing you know you are gliding your parkflyers and trying to catch lift. Speed seems less important over time. Duration is everything.

You find a hill and slope soar your F27 Stryker. Hey, this is really cool! 60 minute flights and full aerobatics with no motor run.

You are hooked. You start watching birds circling in the sky and wonder where you might be able to use as a launch site. Every hill is a potential slope site.

You are a Jeti Knight, using the force!

Oh Yoda, why did you not warn me.

Then someone shows you where you can try dynamic slope soaring, and you go over to the dark side. 400 mph without a motor. You are a Sith.

Isn't RC flying wonderful? Always more toys to buy!
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