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Originally Posted by finguz View Post
dual rates is something different all together, that's weird. Where is the gain, from your gyro, plugged into on your rx?
Gyro gain is plugged into channel 7, or the Aux 2 channel, as recommended by the JR manual.

I had a very brief test flight yesterday, as winds were 10-15mph and gusting. But my problems appear to be fixed! (or at least 90% fixed...good enough). The tail rotor really lacks authority now (since the travel has been cut down so far), but at least the wiggles are gone.

WIth the vibration issue fixed, I'm making other adjustments to see if I can get some responsiveness back. I've moved the ball link 2 holes out on the control arm to get some travel back. I've also plugged the gyro gain plug into channel 5, the gear channel, so see if I can get the TX gain to do anything with that channel. Clearly "Aux 2" didn't do anything like the instructions said they would.

Edit: By the way, I finally found a thread here that seems to back up my theory that the metal plate was causing my problems. It seems like some setups just don't work well with the metal plate.
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