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Originally Posted by clive45 View Post
...a link from here to it.
...redesigning the propulsion system. Most of us just want good power for a reasonable cost and how and where to get it....put on my flame proof suit and helmet
Are you suited up yet Kidding. We just posted the links to the Duct and Fan discussions; so way ahead of you.

But you realize, its all your fault Again kidding. Quick and easy answers are great right up until, quick and easy isn't agreed on or doesn't work. Then all the theories come out and how is one to tell which one is right.

Klaus, who is an engineer specializing on the topic set out to dispel these misunderstandings years ago as EDFs became popular and came up with common understanding. He did still say though its usually more complicated than most realize.

And if no one read it or understood it you wouldn't have any accurate answers. So its good for these conversations to come up every once and a while because everyone is just looking to help and give the right answer.

No need to argue it though. The answers, physics and math has been discussed and is already there for all to read. A lot of good talent on RCG!
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