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Where did you get the main blade holders for the v120d02s or did you make them yourself? I have some extreme one that holds the blades on top of each other instead of side to side like yours. On my 450 I use the tarot main blade holder that holds them side to side.

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I was cutting grass all day so never mind my dirty hands! lol. I fitted the 130x KDBB blades today immediately after work.

Yes, the 130x KDBB tail blades are very close to the same size as the D02S tail blades. They are a little shorter and narrower. The stock D02S blade shown is actually slightly ground down on the tip from use. So it's a little more rounded and shorter than when new.

BAD NEWS! The 130x tail blades do not fit properly without modification. The blade root is too fat. The inside half of the blade grip will buckle to accept it on the plastic v120d02S grips but they absolutely will not fit the D05's CNC tail grips. Not a big deal because i was looking for wider tail blades anyway for the D05. So you can force fit them on the D02S but the result is a boomerang shaped tail rotor:

I am going to try and fly it tomorrow like this. I assume the tail will drift or act funny. Not sure. I'm not sure the best way to go about grinding it to size and keeping symmetry either. So if anyone has any ideas on best practices with doing so, please speak up.

Otherwise, they look great and the length is not an issue with the tail rotor except in a crash maybe. They shouldn't hit in flight. They end up being the same length as the 140mm CF blades are. I flew with those for a while with no problems with the tail rotor. The trailing edge of the 130X KDBB blade has a little extra length on the root side of the blade as well. Not sure if it matters. Over all the length of the blades is equal to the 140mm blades but they are just as narrow as the stock blades. This is exactly what i was looking for and i have great hopes they will fly well tomorrow. Did i mention they look great?

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