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Originally Posted by Heli Biggie View Post
I sold my v400. I didnt get what i wanted for it , but i sold it!Yehaw, more time for the v450 and trex600.
Integrity , you said earlier you may do a clone , well check this site out , these guys have been giving me advise since the beginning of my heli life!

Its what made me go with the align heli, and walker rx/ tx combo .... For now due to money. Its been working out perfect so far
In reality, i could probably even use a 2702V on a 600. I ran my Savox servos at 6V so i know the RX can deal with that no problem. I'm sure it would work. I could also do a 2801 with a 3GX or Microbeast or any other gyro. But i really want the Microbeast or 7200BX. When the time comes i'll make a decision. As much as i would like a X7 or 700 size heli. I just don't think it would be practical yet. I'm not really all that good yet and crashing a 700 would be devastating for me. The damn blades alone will break the bank. All for a "learning curve". No i think i'll wait till i'm much better. The 450 will help get me there, now that it seems to actually be flying correctly and i have about 25 pack into the new RX. It's holding strong! I'm becoming more confident with it. I'm almost tempted to do inverted circuits like i do with the 120s! But i'm easing into it. Not going to crazy yet. If all goes well and i can sell that new V450 when the new RX comes for it. I might have a new heli added to the fleet within the next month or two. Hopefully. The big problem will be deciding what to get.

Here is what ended up being a pretty fun flight. All the rest of the videos today ended up being cut off or angled wrong. I had some cool little moments i hoped i got on film but, i didn't. This was still probably the best flight of the day though. I even managed a few slow semi-well controlled tick tocks. I'm still trying to get them like nick and matt.. But you know. Maybe in another year.

V450D01 - 10-12-12 - A Few slow tic-tocks (5 min 27 sec)

Tomorrow is supposed to have 30+ mph gusts/gales from the tropics. So it should be fun "wind surfing" the helis in that.
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