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I've just come thru it again, coming home today. No probs at all with batteries, don't worry about it. In 6 voyages I've never been asked about the batteries. They're mainly worried about power planes that may have flammable fuel in the tank. One worthwhile thing to do is to label the box each side with "Competition Model Aircraft - Gliders - no engines or fuel". I didn't have the last bit on mine, but will in future. I got called back to security at Christchurch this morning coz they saw all the lead in the Xray and wanted to open the box, but once the guy realized it was just gliders, they didn't bother. He knows a lot more about dynamic soaring now though.

You can pretty much put any metal stuff, tools etc in the baggage. Obviously no large liquid things or major flammables, but normal containers of glues and very small bottles of solvents etc are fine. The carry-on baggage is the thing they're worried about. Anything that could be used as a weapon. So they won't even allow a drill bit. I put pretty much everythign including all the steel joiners and ballast rods in the suitcase, and they Xray them, and they're not worried. But I wouldn't try putting a radar gun or steel joiner in the carry-on ... I'm sure they'd have a lot of questions to ask, and would probably insist on sending it as checked baggage.
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