Thread: Build Log Polaris "Rudderless DLG"
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i am really happy to hear that you like. you touched upon one of my favorite aspects of the plane: its handling. i flies very well and doesnt bite the pilot, which is good for me because i spend a lot of time looking at other planes and want a plane to fly itself without me having to constantly monitor its behavior.

one tip regarding the rudder: mix some aileron into the rudder stick. the first time i flew my Polaris, i thought i was locked-out because i was giving it rudder and nothing happened. i now mix about 20% of full aileron deflection into full rudder stick deflection because i still use the rudder stick through habit. having only 20% aileron deflection in the rudder stick is like having dual rates. in very calm conditions when i want minimal control surface deflection, i use the rudder stick nearly exclusively. this ensures i dont over-control the plane in these calm conditions. i dont use it in a thermal but really just to slightly adjust course as i am moving about. i will use it when covering long distances as well to keep my heading.

i am glad you are liking the plane. it does three things (among many others) very well: launches high, handles extraordinarily well, and doesnt come down the three things i need in a plane.
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