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Originally Posted by Rockin Robbins View Post
There are no clubs around here that don't fly bit turbines and quarter scale behemoths that cost many thousands of dollars. They make fun of people like me with a Slow Stick and Micro Trojan. To them it's all about the money they have and making fun of those who don't. Just makes 'em irrelevant and they're only hurting themselves.

So I fly in parks and a great place to fly around here is open land around churches. They're always glad to see me and never obnoxious. Their kids never chase my planes and when I let them see the planes they're always very careful, as I am careful to fly in a way that doesn't put anybody in danger. And I'm always careful not to fly when they are using the grounds.

It's all about respect. "This simply highlighting that sh* t happens anywhere..
Chill Bro and hit a park" is rooted in disrespect for anything but a personal desire to fly no matter what anybody else thinks and disregarding their rights and preferences. Respect begins with you. Then MAYBE (not guaranteed) others will respect you. The only thing in life that can be guaranteed is failure. Success is always a gamble. A little respect for others makes it more likely.
There's only one thing scarier than an unsafe flyer that's someone that thinks they're safe because they are being 'careful'.
If you are flying in a public park /field, no matter how well you think you've got all the bases covered or how many self imposed rules you have in place you are no better than any other Parkflyer on here .
Have you got liability insurance to cover innocent bi standers in the event of a gear malfunction, plane fly away or collision with a bird ?
No ! Then your personal desire to fly is also at the expense and risk to others.
I'm sure the authorities will take into consideration in the event of an accident that you ' were careful to fly in a way that doesn't put anybody in danger. always careful"
Seen it before personally, people will always want to get close to the action /danger, they think the worst won't happen to them . Until it does and they suddenly want to join the lynching party.
So YOU have a little respect for others holster your sanctimony and fly at a club !!
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