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Originally Posted by jedorme View Post
So I fly with a TX tray & have Guardian off until I am lined up for T/O. Then I switch it on in 3D HH mode. So at this point I understand is when I need to stir the right stick to set HH.
With that method you shouldn't need to stir the stick as G will lock-in the attitude when you activate 3D mode, but it won't hurt. With a tail dragger the resting nose up attitude will probably work fine for climb out, as you suggested, or may not. With nose gear though, the level resting attitude will not likely give adequate angle of attack to lift off.

Here is a tidbit that may be useful to you in either case. Moving the rudder does not reset the flight attitude. You can use this to your advantage. You can turn on 3D and set any climb-out angle you want before you set the plane down. Taxiing into position will not reset the attitude as long as you use only rudder and don't touch the right stick (mode 2). You should be able to just line the plane up on the runway with the rudder, hit the throttle and watch G fly the plane to altitude.

Or there is always the simpler method of letting 3D hold the plane straight on the runway until rotation and then just bump the elevator. If you bump just the elevator, it should rotate and hold that angle for climb-out.
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