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Twisted Hobbys - Crack Yak Lite - Build Thread

Hello my Twisted friends!

It is time to release the new Crack Yak Lite! We are releasing this new airframe at this point in the flying season for our indoor specialists and winter flyers. This airframe is the standard 32" Crack Yak airframe with some slick engineering and design tweaks from our design, manufacturing and flight testing teams to deliver the same size Crack Yak but with 1.5 ounces of weight removed. In addition to the weight savings this new airframe has a thinner and better penetrating design.

People said of the original Crack Yak, just one year ago, that it was an EPP that could almost compete with Depron. And with the Crack Pitts' thinner wings that same report was even more prevalent. I think in the last year we showed that EPP in several ways was not only better but a ton more fun than Depron! With the new "Lite Series" we are going to begin to narrow or erase the indoor performance gap.

Our design goal with this airframe was to create the same level of an exciting airframe as the standard Crack Yak but to remove some of the weight penalty of EPP without totally removing the joy of total plowability and crash-proof-ness.

Now, the new Lite Series does not replace the standard Crack Series. For high energy, crazy outdoor fun, the original Crack Series is the going to continue to be the place to go. However, each series will receive their own upgrades as time goes on. In fact you can expect several upgrades, new airframes as well as some seriously new stuff to the normal Crack Series. Likewise, the new Lite Series will have it's own additions and improvements as time goes on.

Here is a pre production vid from our Czech crew. Outstanding flying! -
Crack Yak Lite Series (3 min 16 sec)

Let the build thread begin!

I am building two Crack Yak Lites as we speak. The first using the standard Welders method and the second using the alternative thin CA method. IMO opinion welders, being an evaporative glue, will result in a lighter and more durable airframe. We shall see!

Stand by for more in the next few evenings!

Update - Build photos are coming along. I should have them all uploaded soon and will start working on the captions.


Crack Yak or Crack Yak Lite??

Having flown this thing for a while, I'm not sure the answer is so clear.

The Lite version with the power combo and digi servos is just plane sick! It is the ultimate in EPP performance. If you are a great 3D pilot and appreciate a very high level of performance and capability you will enjoy the Lite more. I really do not think you can match the Lite version for performance without going to a competition depron or even a milled competition depron.

However, If you crash a lot or really appreciate total plowability then the standard CY is going to be the one. Yes, the Lite is still very durable but thin EPP will tear easier and after time the tons and tons of glue will sap the added performance of the lighter plane. Whereas the standard CY flies great on 3S long after you have added an ounce of glue.

Wind is a smaller issue. You can fly both in wind. The standard CY might be a little better in the wind but in light winds and in the evening or night when a lot of us fly these things I think the Lite is just fine!

Happy Flying,
Chris Jewett
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