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The parts are in stock at hobby king now, but i'm not sure for how long. The comments say that it does not bind with a 9x transmitter.

The next cp that'll come out is the WL Toys 100cp i think, i'm not sure if that'll be 9x compatible like their other stuff or if they're gonna use something else yet.

I probably won't get the fbl100, but will get the WL Toys 100cp.

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It is not clear. What you'd be looking for is to see if someone has ever bound one to a 9x transmitter. If it works at all, this is the most likely scenario. If it can bind to a 9x, then it can bind with (moded) Deviation. Otherwise, I'd need to see pics of the insides of the Tx or Rx to tell you if it is even possible (and then I'd likely need to buy one to make it work). The problem with the FBL100 seems to be that replacement parts are hard to come by, so it isn't my 1st choice of a platform to work on at the moment.
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