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Originally Posted by Neko View Post
New Osiris convert here. Mine just came and I am psyched out of my mind to build it. Going with the standard setup. Can someone explain how to measure the stab incidence or send me to a site that explains? Thanks.

You will need an incidence meter to do it right. Digital is preferred.
Set up the fuse on a table so that the fuse top (no hatch) to be 0.0.
Check incidence of wing panels. You must check both wing panels. Many have different wing incidences.

0.5 degree on wing is most common on pattern planes.

Write down what you have on wing relative to the fuse top.

Insert the horizontal stab without elevator halves.
Check the fuse top again if the fuse was not set up firmly or moved after the beginning just to make sure.

Check the incidence of h. stab.
Write down what you have.

Move the stab backward if you have positive incidence on stab relative to the fuse top. Forward if negative.

Set the stab to 0.0

Check the wing incidences.

If wing is around 0.5, it is fine. If more or less, use plywood rings on the alignment pins to adjust it. Method was mentioned by Gaget99 in previous page.

Hope this helps,
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