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Pffft! 50+ is hardly worth mentioning!

One of the reasons I moved away from the hobby is my acquired allergy to CA; even the "odorless". Yes, I can build with wood glue and epoxy but that gets tedious in a hurry. So? The ARFs are a Godsend.

My Specter, a $100.00 ARF, weighs exactly the same with a motor as my old Sagitta 600 does without. And it climbs like it's on a very good Hi-Start. It gets as high as I want it in 5-10 seconds! The wing loading is a bit higher but the modern airfoil results in just about the same sink rate between the two and the Specter can fly much faster when I want it. I also really prefer a glider with ailerons. Now I'm really torn on where to go next. I would, eventually, like to get a real floater in the 2.5-3 meter class and a scale ship in the same size range but I can't decide which to go for first. I suspect that my new flying site, which is surrounded by asphalt, will provide good lift throughout the Minnesota winter. If that plays out I will probably go for the floater first. If I can't find good lift for my existing planes? Then I'll go for the scale bird and optimize it for aerobatics. So many planes; so few thumbs!

Speaking of aerobatics: I maidened my new 3D foam electric today. Wow! I haven't really flown a good 3D ship since we called them "fun flys" and needed very light and powerful glow engines to enable "hanging on the prop". By the end of the first flight I was able to hold a hover, at around half throttle, long enough for it to almost blow out of sight. By the end of the second flight I was doing high alpha knife edge. Then I put the bigger prop on it and it got better! Modern motors are real marvels of performance. I also like the fact that, in the 2-4 cell range, the batteries cost about half as much as a gallon of glow fuel and are good for hundreds of flights. I don't even think the old Cox engines would get 100 flights to the gallon even if they lasted that long.
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