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Originally Posted by kalmon View Post
Finally the moment a few of you have been waiting for!! Back to back tests of my B3D on a 2300kv/5043 and a 3000kv/5030.

Flight conditions:
METAR KTVC 141655Z 14007KT 10SM FEW080 OVC250
Don't speak metar? Winds were from the south south-east at 7kts(8mph).

I literally laughed the first time I advanced the throttle on the 2300. Quiet doesn't even come close to describing it.
The 3000kv sounds like someone held their head up to an angry hornets nest. At least you cant hear the servos working.

The 2300kv/5043 is faster in a straight line. However the 3000kv/5030 is close in top speed. What I really noticed though is the 2300 can't hold speed in tight higher G turns, and definitely is slower in vertical. Speaking of vertical, The 2300/5043 is MUCH harder to hover. There is a lot more torque and it required basically full aileron(second to outermost hole on horn) to hover. Even then It still wants to turn with every throttle adjustment. *note that this plane is hard to hover anyways unless to move the CG WAY aft, the 3000kv and 5030 are noticeably easier to hover though.

Battery usage:
both flights were on a 2S MiniAviation210:
3000kv - 5030: flight time was 5:03. Battery took 156mAh
2300kv - 5043: Flight time was 5:04. Battery took 154mAh
So basically identical battery usage with both setups. Note that I was flying it pretty hard for 3/5 of the flight. I'd bet that if I was just lazily flying around with gentle turns or surfing the wind I'd bet the 2300 would have slightly less draw as it should unload better in the air.
note#2 I know I didn't use the BB240 gold standard for the testing. I dont have 2 of them right now and I wanted to do back to back testing. I've also confirmed that the BB240 and the MA210 give similar performance and always take the same mAh back at charge time when flying the same durations.

My flight test was structured like this:
First min was about 2/3 throttle scale pattern aerobatics, large round loops, slow rolls, 50% hammerhead turns and 50% 45* bank turns at the ends of the box.
Second minute: Low flying. Heavy throttle activity, rolls and KE 8ft off the deck, slow flight, tree pylon flying dodging.
Third minute: 3D, well as much as I can do. Lots of vertical climbs, Blenders, spins, failed KE spins, and some ugly rolling harriers
Fourth minute: Hovering, Yeah I know this is the wrong end of the flight to really hover but I wanted to test how well it would do in the tail end of a battery discharge. see above for results.
Fifth minute: My favorite touch and gos. I think I got 4 in on each flight. nothing really to report here except that I could no longer judge the speed by motor sound on the 2300. I had a slightly harder time with the 2300 probably because of the quietness I tended to be a little fast. nothing that couldn't easily be fixed if I stuck with that setup!

Conclusion (delusions maybe?)
I'm sticking with the 3000kv setup. I subjectively felt that there was more "power" there. Especially seeing as I fly in a relatively confined area. It accelerates faster and holds speed in tight turns and vertical better.
I did a blender in both flights, with the 2300 I ended up at full throttle/rudder/aileron/elevator I was in a slow descending inverted flat spin. I let it continue 4 rotations as it wasn't sinking to fast, it didn't change, it would have continued until terra firma if I let it.with the 3000kv in the same conditions after 2-3 rotations the plane stops descending the nose comes up slightly and it completely stops descending. After a couple rotations of that I can apply opposite rudder and relax the aileron and it will flip into a hover and pull out vertically like a good blender should.

You notice battery usage isn't here: I'm single charging the packs at 1C to get the most accurate data possible. when they are both charged I'll post it here. The 3000kv flight was 5:03 and the 2300kv flight was 5:04 so I'd say they were pretty close, neither to LVC as I like my batteries

Awsome & informative post. Thanx. Have You eve tried 3S ? My motor
got really hot, but no problems,,,,,,,
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