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Prof & choochoo22 - Thanks much for the detailed explanations of HH on takeoff. At my paved field I bring my A/C to the fence line, set it down & then have to taxi out & make a 90 right or left turn to line up with the runway before takeoff. So I fly with a TX tray & have Guardian off until I am lined up for T/O. Then I switch it on in 3D HH mode. So at this point I understand is when I need to stir the right stick to set HH. And when I land the first thing I do is turn G off so my taxiing back & carrying the plane doesn't overdrive my servos.

So what I'm doing already may work with a tail dragger if I stir the stick just before applying power. The tail down attitude with the runway heading should be what the G is stabilizing - or not - or until I make any control surface changes with the TX. Probably just need to get it working right in the air with a tail dragger & then do some experimenting with 3D HH takeoffs. Thanks again for the advice.

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