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Originally Posted by pmerritt View Post
not trying to sell you on Devo10 or anything just putting it out there that the Devo10 does have a higher resolution mode, this is another of it's new features, but as you said, it isn't posted what it is. It could be the same as may not be. By the way, I also had the 2801pro and the Devo10 really is a step above the 2801pro. I am sure your Spektrum will treat you well though. They have tons more flying them so that says something in itself. I just like the bang for the buck on my Devo10.
Yeah, I agree. Much more included for the price. I wish they had the specs available for any of their electronics, ever! lol. But Since razorblade posted something from his manual for the 7200BX, the gyro/rx i plan on getting. It says that the JR TX's work with it too. I have not checked but i bet the JR ones are cheaper? /shrug. That magic cube thing is interesting, but not to be trusted. At least not yet. I'm still up in the air on what exactly i want to do. If i get the 600 clone, i might go a cheaper route. But if i do get a X5 i'm going with the Spektrum for sure, i think. I don't think there will be much of a size difference between a X5 and a 600 either. What is it? Like maybe a few inches longer on the tail boom? Not a big deal, but the price is quite different between the two.
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