Thread: Build Log F18 with Microjet V3
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Couldn't wait had to do a maiden flight this afternoon. It was beautiful at the airport so off we went. Had my wife bring the Nikon D-40 with zoom lens for some great dramatic shots. Got to the airport only to realize that my daughter had removed the SD card. So no pictures on that camera. That left the stupid phone camera. Well they all suck. But here is proof that it flies. I am not liking the full flying stabilator. I am going to switch to a fixed horizontal and elevator arrangement. At full throttle downhill it started to wrap over into a left hand bank and no amount of aileron would stop it. Thankfully reducing power and full up broke the roll and it recovered. I am used to the Douglas Skyray I built that handles beautifully in all realms of flight. I like solid controls not drifting without my input. I'll keep it posted here about the change and handling qualities report, in the next couple of weeks.
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