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Originally Posted by Chubbs View Post
Gyro is mounted just above the tail boom holder. I don't have a picture, but it looks like this one
Mine is mounted in the opposite direction though (servo wires come out towards the rotor head).

The servo is mounted on the tail, again like the picture. It's slightly canted to one side to allow the pushrod a straighter path.

I have not tried another servo or gyro yet, but plan to order one of each with my next HK order (unfortunately, it will be several weeks before it gets here, even if I ordered today). I'll probably end up trying their other cheap gyro, the HK401B. Although it's not a super gyro, it has a longer service history and is more well known than the GA250 I think.

The gain adjustment thing is frustrating. With the gyro vibrating, I won't place any blame on the Tx before I fix the vibration issue. Clearly the gyro isn't going to function correctly if it's not mounted right. But the fact that the extreme swings in gain seemed to produce NO results, is frustrating. Shouldn't it have produced noticable differences in behavior, even if it didn't fix the issue? Is anyone familiar enough with the X-388s radio to tell me if I'm doing it correctly? The manual seems pretty clear that the gain is adjusted by setting the rudder dual rates, but it doesn't seem to work.
dual rates is something different all together, that's weird. Where is the gain, from your gyro, plugged into on your rx?
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