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Originally Posted by dave1993 View Post
hey mystman, me thinks you need to build a bamboo stick frame. this aint to see who can build HEAVIEST frame. lol! and if that dont do it just add 4 more of those 7mmi motors. still cheaper than using any of the micro heli motors. THEN see if it still flies like crappola.
Got my last hybrid (v929 board + v929 frame + bamboo arms + v939 motorholders + 7mm ali motors) flying, but not as good as the ladybird.
The motors got hot, drained to much power out of the 300mah Nano lipos and had massive problems with turning .
If I turn, the quad looses height and started wobbling :-(

Even my v929/UDI hybrid (UDI motorarms $3.20 each) has a lot more power and punch!
I'm not sure if I will giveup on this cheap-diy-quad project as my not much more expensive (<$25) plug'n'play quads fly much better and are much more reliable und durable.
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