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Originally Posted by weaser42 View Post
With APP there is no need for additional harness when using two packs in series. Just plug the pos lead from the first pack into the neg lead of the second pack, then use the remaining leads from each pack to connect to your esc (pack one will be neg and pack two would be pos).

I do this with 2 5S packs for a Heli. Since I don't use those packs for anythnig else and have a 10S charger I just leave them connected in this 10S config all the time.

I'd also use a full ICE 100 and skip the lite for this application as others have said.
Sorry but I'm pretty dense when it comes to this stuff. Can you take a picture of exactly how you're doing this so I can make sure I fully understand?

It's great that I won't have to worry about using a special wiring harness though!
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