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Originally Posted by TimBle View Post
I'm not sure how much more the problem with Spektrum has to stated.

Flew plane
5min flying time no problem.
On a flypast the plane stopped responding rolled over and flew into the ground at full power.
Post mortem battery checked ok
Rx still in bind

So many people explain these problems in plain english, clearly and are then accused by the Spektrum fans that they don;t know what they're doing.

So do you want simple accounts Dick or do yo want complicated accounts. It seems you're just using similar bully tactics to get people to shut up as that lying cheating defrauding cycling country man of yours Phlance Pharmstrong.

I've witnessed enough of the unexplained losses of control to decide I won't spend my own money on their kit.
You would be doing a greater service to the RC community spending your forum time supporting those that use the radios you like and use instead of spending large amounts of time berating Spektrum.

In my part of the US we have more JR/Spektrum radios than Futaba, Hitec, or Airtronics, but we have very few if any problems with any of these brands. We do not see the issues that you complain so bitterly about.

I can't believe that if there were as many problems with Spektrum as you claim, we would not have seen the same thing here in the past 5 years.

I fly Spektrum because my fellow pilots use it, it has all the features that I need to use, and it has proven to be very reliable. I would not hesitate to purchase products from any of the other brands I mentioned, but I happened to switch from Futaba 72Mhz to JR 72Mhz and I jumped at the chance to switch to 2.4 when the Spektrum Module first became available.

We have National and International competitors who have flown JR/Spektrum for years. Why are they not complaining?
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