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Originally Posted by DavidN View Post
How about a Y connector and a SWITCH on the arm going to Guardian mode channel. No fumbling with connectors just the switch. You would need to be anal about checking switch is in the correct position before flight.
A y would likely work and most likely you would only need to switch a single lead (singnal). The Mode and Rudder signal leads being the ones in Y configuration.

It would be nice if Bill or John would join in on this subject.
I do not have a Guardian that I want to risk smoking .

I felt from the beginning that there should be a remote means to Set Level and to Reset trims without tieing up a receiver channnel but after my request for a remote mounted Status LED was ............................ I decided there way little chance of having any PCB changes made.

Flew my Lil Banchee 3D with Guardian 2D/3D aboard this morning and had a ball with it. I have been flying helis only for the past 4 months or so. The sky was dark and it was raining off and one so I flew the Lil Banchee between showers. 3D Mode launches nose up at around 45 degrees and one with nose up and canted to the right around 45 degrees (knife edge). Just point it the direction you want it to go flip 3D on run up throttle and release and enjoy the show.

Skys finally cleared enough for me to get a couple of Blade 400 converted to FBL in. Wish a really great Heli bail out control system ,such as 2D mode on Guardian for fixed wing did not cost so darn much. Would love to have the $550 but perhaps Guardian 2D/3D will provide something similiar in the next six months or so..

Demo Rescue Mode HeliCommand HC3-SX (1 min 15 sec)

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