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Originally Posted by Eagle202 View Post
I always wonder how high the motor can be mounted before it starts to push the nose down with more force than the natural lift it was designed for. Maybe I am being too cautious but I just don't like the motor being that high with a big angle.

If I am wrong please tell me. Thanks
The COG is in a different place to the COL (center of lift) The COL is just behind the COG and so without the tail the plane would nose dive. That is why the horizontal stabilizer has a slight negative angle to counter this . The down thrust on a motor obviously only comes into use as you throttle up. It stops the plane from pitching up when you gain airspeed. I don't know what would happen if the angle was too high, probably would cause the plane to pitch down as you throttle up. The Bixler doesn't have too much down thrust though and the motor is not too high. I have not received mine yet but have flown a club mates one a few times.
I think I got that right if not please correct me
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