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Guys, we are talking about VERY LOW milliseconds timing here! Yes, a pro may see (or more feel) a difference, but trust me, typical human fingers/eye coordination (most of us) will not see any difference. Heck, I think most people who buy servos look for the price first, then the torque specification, but sadly totally disregard how fast it goes (unless they use it with a gyro that recommend something specifically because fast timing is then important). Trust me, even if a servo signal is received 10 millisecond later, it would not be bad for most of us. As I said, often the servos being used are slower than what the receiver can feed them anyway. This is just marketing hype (and mostly simply because new technology kicking in, making it easier to implement such thing).

Heck, in winter, your fingers probably have a 400millisecond response time!
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