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Originally Posted by SteveT. View Post
As you know, I really like the Hacker A60-6XS on 6S. I run a 20X10 APC....which is fine for me, but Joe was a bit disappointed with that prop and went to a 20X11 or 21X10 (sorry not sure which), which he says says he has used all summer. If you want to 8S, the the A60-5S is what I am now running in my 74" Edge, but it is four ounces heavier...

I would not go with an ICE light in this size of plane....

Originally Posted by UCDme3D View Post
I asked this same question not to long ago before I grabbed my FB Slick!

Ended up choosing 6s because the added power from an 8s is a bit more than necessary, and after talking to Wamsy and a few other guys that I've seen ring out the slick, I decided the added cost of the 8s batteries wasn't worth the added power I would get! I also like that on 6s, with my a50-12l I get to run a 20x10 with no problems, I liked the way it felt over the smaller diameter prop. I use an ICE esc and an external bec..
Good comment on the Ice Lite. I didn't even think of that. This is my first plane of this size.

I guess I was looking at 8s because I have quite a few 4s 4000's already laying around. I have some 6s batts but they are 3000's for my EF 60" Edge and I don't think they'd be enough for this plane as I'm assuming I'd want somethign in the 4000 to 5000 mah range right?

I'm also a little leary of putting a Hacker in this plane. I had one in my original 51" Slick and didn't love it... and it ultimately died on me mid flight and caused some damage. But it sounds like you guys are happy with the large hackers?
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