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You bring up some great questions.

Originally Posted by porcia83 View Post
I think I've seen you mention that before, and if memory serves you noted it was against the rules, and further, I believe other folks were even given points for this activity. When did this rule come into effect, and where was it noted?
Technically quoting a banned member is not against the rules. The problem is that when users quote banned members it can sometimes be a form of trolling. This would have to be moderated on a post by post basis.

Your second question is also a good one:

Originally Posted by porcia83 View Post
How can this be looked at as merely "suggestive" ? What possible good can come of that comment being left for anyone to click on. The banned person must be getting a real chuckle at that. How hard is it for the mod to label that as highly offensive, or better yet just Redacted content the post? I've seen plenty of other posts that are noted as "redacted" that aren't nearly as offensive as that one (prior to being redacted of course)
After discussing this, we are making some changes about which posts can be seen after being warned. These changes should address the issues you referenced.

Thanks for your post and your patience. We are always striving to make moderation the best it can be.
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