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Originally Posted by jedorme View Post
Steve & choochoo22 - When taking off in 3D Heading Hold mode, I'm a bit confused by your reference to "stirring the sticks" or moving the "aileron/elevator control" just before take off to set it. Can you clarify this? Thanks,

What Prof said.

To elaborate; You are getting ready to fly. You have the plane in your left hand and the tx in your right hand, preferably on a neck strap. As part of your pre-flight you turn on 3D mode. As you walk to your launch point, Guardian is moving the surfaces trying to maintain the attitude that was locked in when you turned 3D on. This is most likely not a useful attitude as you were carrying the plane, possibly straight up, down, or sideways.

When you are at your launch point, you are ready to set the plane down for a ROG or toss the plane for a hand launch. As a final pre-flight step, you point the plane in the direction and attitude you want for climb out and "stir the stick". Any movement of the aileron or elevator will reset the locked-in attitude in G to the current position. Now you are ready for takeoff. On the ground or by hand, all you need do is apply throttle and G will fly the plane where you had it pointed.

You could just wait until you have the plane in climb-out attitude before activating 3D. I find it more convenient, however, to set all my switches ahead of time. Since I'm holding the plane in my left hand, it's easier to reach the right stick with my right hand than the mode switch on the left side of the tx.

In any case your pre-flight after setting the climb-out attitude should include wiggling the plane around and observing that G is moving your surfaces properly. You don't want to hit full throttle for launch and discover, for instance, that your gain was all the way down and G isn't flying the plane

As Prof suggested, it's generally not good to carry the plane around much before or after flight with G active. It will be trying to "fly" the plane and will be moving the surfaces, probably to maximum. It could overdrive a servo doing this. I haven't found this to be a problem on any of my planes so I have become somewhat careless on this point. If you are careful to verify the limits when installing G and, if necessary, set the G travel limits with a PC (not the tx travel limits) it should never be a problem.

Hope this helped clarify things.
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