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Nirvana Boat: Rudder


I just purchased a Nirvana boat (brand new) and had the following issue with the rudder...


1) There's a brass colored metal tube that goes into the hull.
2) From there you put the rudder's shaft up into that tube.
3) Align the rudder, tighten the collar shaft, and you're good to go.


I went through all these steps the first time, took the boat out, and noticed the rudder wasn't turning very well to the right. So I put some lubrication on it (vaseline was recommended) and I was good to go.

I took the rudder out again (after a few times of sailing) to check on the lubrication and this time...when I pulled it out (I was gentle), the brass tube came out with it. Not only did it come out, but it's wedged into the rudder shaft.


1) Is this a typical issue I should be having with a brand new boat?

2) Should I even try to fix this? I read this article and it made me kind of nervous that this doesn't seem like a good issue to have as this could happen: http://www.nirvanaclassownersassocia...aft-leaks.html

Please let me know your thoughts...thanks!
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