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Help with this same power supply

I have the same power supply as being talked about in these posts and am hoping to get it working this weekend but had a few questions and hoped that the original people who made these posts are still around, or someone else who might have a similar dell supply.

Did you ever end up figuring out what was the best option for the value of the resistor and which pins you ended up hooking up.

In the test diagrams of the pins i'm trying to figure out the orientation of the power supply. I'm assuming it was the same as in the original photo but wanted to make sure.

Were you able to get the full amperage out of the 12v rail of the power supply at all the voltages?

I'm hoping to run a 12vdc motor from the supply that can draw about 28amp at 12v. but will likely not ever be running it up to that load.

Thanks for the help.

Originally Posted by jstern429 View Post
I have a Dell 7000236-000 600 watt power supply (12v @46A) that was from a Power Edge 6600 server and have a few questions. From reading the posts here I was finally able to get it to turn on by shorting two of the pins to ground (see pic). I only get 11.486 volts, but it will power my charger and it did charge a battery. In reading several of the posts it seems that there are several other Dell power supplies (simular to what I have) that have other features that would be nice to have if this power supply has them. I have read that some have a voltage adjust and something to slow the fans down. From the pictures shown I think I have figured out what all the big plugs are for and there voltages, but all seem to be low. Any help would be great, Thanks

Originally Posted by jstern429 View Post
Ok Attached is the info I found out using the information in post #599. With a lead attached to the positive terminal and a 1K resistor in line (test 1) I found the pins that changed the voltage. The 11.879v & 11.530v will not go any higher than 11.909v with even down to a 100 ohm resistor, but the 11.594v @ D1 will go to 12.4v with a 122 ohm resistor (any lower and the PS faults). So I am guessing that 12.4v is the best it can do unless I am doing something else wrong. In test 2 with the lead on ground and a 1k resistor in line I get a slight rise in voltage on D6 (+11.651) and a fault on C6, but on A5 I get +11.705 volts and the fan speeds up. On test 3 is just voltmeter readings on all the pins, just incase it helps . It looks like a 122 ohm resistor on the D1 to +12 volts is the ticket to up the output voltage, but the resistors seem to get hot (I am using a 100 ohm & a 22 ohm resistor in series and the 100 ohm gets the hottest). Any thoughts? Do I have the voltage control figured out? thanks, Jeff
Originally Posted by xandrios View Post
Hey jstern429,

it looks like you found the right pin.

Pin D1 is the voltage control pin.

Use one of the 5v pins for final voltage adjustment. 5v pin to resistor to Pin D1.
The 12v out was just for testing.
This will change the value of the resistor but should run cooler.
This also helps in voltage regulation
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