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Originally Posted by Pipemajor View Post
I take it then, HF, that you are no fan of Wall Street? Through their own greed and malfeasance, they destroyed billions of taxpayers' wealth as well as that of private and public institutions.

Most of them got taxpayer bailouts and are once again paying out exhorbident bonuses as if nothing ever happened.
"Wall Street" is an investment structure that has created wealth for millions upon millions of ordinary citizens over it's lifetime.
But nothing is "for sure". If you want to profit from your money, then you have to accept that there are risks as well. If it was a sure thing, then everyone would be doing it.
No one who lost money in the Market was ever forced to put their money there. It's a choice, and a choice with some risk.
With government, it's neither a choice, nor is it EVER profitable. You can't even say it's a risk because losing your money to government taxation is a sure thing to lose.

I'll take the risk/reward Wall Street over the sure-thing-loss of government any day of the week when it comes to spending MY money.
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