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900mm PopWing!

Got the kit last week from NitroPlanes (the one with all parts except receiver included), finished assembly last night and flew this morning. This flying wing is lots of fun and quite different than more conventional planes I've flown!

Couple of build points:

1-The instructions say auw of 300 to 350g, but all the parts alone (including my 4g Spektrum compatible receiver) weighed 297g without battery so you'd need an awfully light battery!
2-Assembled weight was 306g.
3-To get the CG to the recommened 210mm required a 1,550 mAH 3S lipo (140g), otherwise I'd just have to add lead! This gives about 16m FT for 70% discharge. This required enlarging the battery compartment.
4-The included propsaver O ring is too light weight -- the prop flew off in the first minute! A 13/16X5/8X13/32 O ring keeps it on much better!
5-I mounted the servos and connectors on top of the wing instead of the recommended bottom mount -- keeps them out of the grass! And, I used carbon fiber rods instead of the included steel, for greater stiffness.
6-If I were starting over I'd cut my own servo holes in the wing, closer to the flapperons, to help shift the CG forward.
7-I found the longest throws possible for servos and transmitter worked best -- this helps keep control of the plane in windy conditions a little better, and probably almost certainly requires some expo.
8-Launching requires more than half throttle or the plane will just dive into the ground!
9-The battery holder is not very well attached to the wing using just CA to hold it on -- It was exciting when the battery came off in flight taking the esc with it! I used the included plastic straps, intended to hold the receiver and esc, to instead hold the battery holder on the plane. I added a carbon fiber rod above the battery compartment as well, on top of the wing, under the plastic straps. This seems to work!
10-Finally, others have said the 900mm PW flys well in wind, but I found that in even a moderate 10mph breeze it gets knocked around a lot -- you can still fly it but not always in the direction you intended!
Orville2 is online now Find More Posts by Orville2
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