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>>What makes it difficult for me is the sizes and the measures of special items. It would be great if I had a shopping list for bearings, rods, pulleys and belts that are needed. The measuring and cutting of alu tubes is the easy part.<<

That is why Rusty at AGL Hobbies is going to make a kit. You can get the pulleys and belts from a number of different sources. Andrey (askman) sells belts, pulleys and potentiometers. You can find bearings on eBay. Rusty is trying to make the gimbal so the builder does not have to drill holes.

>>By the way askman has made a nice change to his yoke design. He is using carbon tube and delrin sheet...<<

Yes I have been keeping up with Andrey on his designs and improvements. His gimbals are getting nicer with each upgrade. I am flying 4 of his prototypes.
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