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new ali motors work ok in my dquad

Originally Posted by wapko View Post
maybe the shaft isnt the only difference on the 0.7mm and 1mm motors
you might be right wapko but im pleased to find these latest ali motors with 1mm shaft working fine in my diy quad. in yesterdays test runs they seem to have about the same power as the s107 and 1st ali batch. this is just the impression i get zipping around for a few minutes in the frat house driveway. also a couple rcgroups and offline guys have had success with 16mm motors so they cant be that bad. any real differences will be revealed when i set up the test stand and spend a day or two checking out props, motors, and combinations. we will see.

i have a theory that some people are expecting too much from low cost components or not fully appreciate the advantages of "adding lightness". one thing to remember is you can build 3 or 4 of these quads for less than the cost of a v939 and maybe half dozen for what an original walkera runs. also one might not expect cheapo motors to work as well in a stock plastic frame that weighs 4x or 5x more than the diy one. i credit the fact that my particular diy outperforms my buds ladybird, at least in lift, to the huge difference in weight. or maybe there was just something wrong with his setup or battery that day. idk. we have another "contest" coming up tommorrow. this time ill be using the new ali motors.

im pretty sure 20mm motors would have considerably more punch. i know the 8.5mm ones i tried do but they cost too much for me. hopefully we can find a cheap source of 720s like jesolins says. but power was not my biggest goal for this project. cost was and im satisfied beyond expectations. dont forget that my original dquad used 6mm solar grasshopper pagers and, while it flew quite well by itself, did not have enough extra lift to carry an 808 keychain camera. now that the v939 fc came along at lower cost a quad can be built with s107 motors instead for the same price and it DOES lift a camera. and huge lipos too.

for best performance within budget i suggest trying a super light weight bamboo frame, 16mm motors, and small cheapo pz battery. for even better power to weight ratio spend a few bucks more on some 20mm, v939, lb, udi, or whatever motors and maybe a nano lipo. if the brushless thing works out this thing will be unbelievably hot (i hope) but will NOT cost $14..
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