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Originally Posted by Lardog View Post
I think it is likely a balance of 3D and precision. I love a nice, low/slow KE pass and I thnk a field length slow roll is one of the prettiest manuevers there is. I am working on improving both of those. I can do KE spins and am working on improving the transitions into and out of them, as well as inverted flat spins. I am working on harriers and hovers and beginning an introduction into rolling harriers as well as inverted harrier. I'd like to learn how to do pop tops, but that one is proving elusive for me at the moment.

Thanks guys, for the input so far.
I would agree with IRG, the 72 would suit you well. The Slick is not far behind either. Either of those sound like a perfect match to you. Pick the one you like the color scheme of better. I've owned both, and decided to sell one because they flew so similarly. In some moves the Extra had a slight nod, in others the Slick. But not by much. I had more flights on my Slick and was more comfortable with it, and so I chose to stick with that one personally. Plus it was lighter and had a bit better power/weight ratio. I was flying 6s setups and for that I liked the Slick. I still would, if I had 8s then I would choose whichever. But if you are planning on 6s I would probably go Slick. Or the 70" Velox (even lighter still), though it is more 3d oriented while the Slick is a good all around do everything plane.
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