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Originally Posted by whichwaysup View Post
Okay - sorry folks, but time to bump this thread and get some new excitement in it. There is NO WAY I can fly any of my airplanes under a table, so I'm posting my video of the last challenge - divebomb towards earth - and proposing a new airplane challenge. All in favor say "ay" all opposed please go fly your airplane under the table as described above and propose something new.

If all agree to a new challenge with an "Ay", I'll post a new challenge. And, I'm VERY open to suggestions, so feel free to include it with your "Ay"!

Here's my death spiral. You'll ahve to find it on the video, but I think it's either at the 1:30 mark or the 2:30 mark. I wasn't taking this vid for this challenge, but it meets the criteria (and I just shot it two days ago).

Ay!!!! fire away

oh and nice vid too, I liked the controlled crash at around the 55 second mark the best I'll give you a HOF point for the good bump and great video
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