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Originally Posted by Highflight View Post
I've made plenty of mistakes, but unlike Libs in government who can spend other people's money and not suffer any consequences, my mistakes were cruel and pinpointed lessons to myself about what does, and doesn't, work.
When I have made seriously wrong decisions, no one ever came up behind me and handed me a check and a pat on the back to encourage me to go make the same mistakes again (apply this to anyone in a ghetto on the government dole who will never get out of poverty no matter what you give them).

I paid for my mistakes while the government spenders let other people (taxpayers like me again) pay for their mistakes, so either way, I have to pay for other people's mistakes as well as my own, and that's why I'm a really pissed off old man. I understand that I have to pay for my own mistakes (and I should), but I do not understand why I have to pay for other people's mistakes (because I shouldn't)..
I just want to be left alone to do what I know best how to do it. All of the clear precepts of our Constitution point to my being left alone, so I tend to support anyone who openly supports the base principles of our Constitution without the Lib judge re-interpretations we keep getting.
I take it then, HF, that you are no fan of Wall Street? Through their own greed and malfeasance, they destroyed billions of taxpayers' wealth as well as that of private and public institutions.

Most of them got taxpayer bailouts and are once again paying out exhorbident bonuses as if nothing ever happened.
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