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Apart from temps as high as the OP is reporting I have done this. My RV will range from freezing to about 90 f at the highest. I dont work much with balsa but do a lot of composite work. I fight with keeping moisture away from my fabrics. I will even go the the point of using my hotbox [for curing parts] to dry all fabrics well before doing a lay-up.

Its gets real annoying when I start to weigh the cost between keeping my rv warm or rapid warming/heating when/if Im working in there.

I think you best bet is to insulate well and also be sure to make use of a vapour barrier through out all the walls and ceiling. Heating a shop up fast can cause trouble with condensation otherwise.

Honest, I was you I would except the fact that you can build in there will good results and a bit of extra effort but if it was me, I doubt I would store my models in there.Maybe keep the most part of your models in the house, Keep your most active models in the shed when you know/have a better idea of your plans.

My 2 cents
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