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Originally Posted by SteveT. View Post
The ESC is fine, that is exactly what I have in mine....

Originally Posted by RCPilot1234 View Post
Change the Hacker A40-10S to a Motorfly DM4315-714 lightened addition available from SubSonic Planes. I have it on mine (thanks to Steve T. for sending it to the UK ).

Change the ESC to the ICE Lite 100, don't need the extra weight of the 100 standard IMO. Get a Castle USB programming kit. You will need to change the BEC voltage, and I guess you will fixed throttle end-points. Also set throttle response to 10 for it to be super crisp

DuBro arms are fine but get the Hitec HS7245MH instead. A lot more expensive but way better I believe Set the BEC voltage on the ICE to 7.4V if using the 7245's to get the most out of them

Xoar PJN 15x7, Falcon Beechwood 15x7, it's all good!

For batteries, I run the Thunder Power 4S 3850mAh 65C ones. Truly amazing and get flight times on average of about five minutes.

This exact setup is great. Whilst a bit more expensive, it really is amazing!

This same setup can be seen in my video here:

As you see, no blowback, loads of power, and crisp servos

Mate, thats awesome, much appreciated. (and not just the flying! ) Once I maiden it n get a feel for it I'll make a few upgrades I think, (no point trashing good gear straight up hey?), but I had emailed rob at adc already about the esc being the Ice Lite 100 version, so that should be good.

Was worried about the 60C as most seem to be around 25C but since I know all about all this I dont know if its an issue or not.

Lucky I have an experienced person helping me - he can look at the bec voltage programming etc, but his plan was to run a seperate bec ((??? - I dont even know what a bec is or does, just know its part of the esc... I think... , reading, reading, reading and trying to learn)), but read on this thread that a seperate bec is apparently overkill and gains a weight penalty - but again I like overkill when it comes to electronics, reduces most crashes to pilot error so i am not adverse to the weight penalty for a seperate bec if it reduces the likelyhood of an electronics failure.

I also looked at that motor from all my research reading this thread, (lol - still only 250 odd pages down so far), and seems a very popular choice especially with the mods, but will probably get this later to do a comparison to try n learn some more. And the hacker is pretty light as far as what people are using on this plane..

Thanks again mate. appreciate the help everyone... as you know its a bit of a minefield for a newbie.

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