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I agree with Frank. "speed mode" trimed for level flight will give a reduced launch height on positivley stable CG air craft as the trim slows the plane to the set trimmed speed. Along with reduced launch height in my mind there is no reason to trim a speed mode that will recover on a dive test, the whole point is to RUN. If it is trimmed to slow down to level flight you are not getting the "speed" out of it. In circumstances you would use a mode like this you should then be using cruise mode as this will give a more favorable sink rate.

So yes CG determines how an aircraft recovers and is more pronounced at high speeds eg. launch. However an aircraft with ANY CG can and should be (IMHO) trimmed for straight flight during launch. You may chose to have a seperate Launch and Speed mode but I do not see the advantage in that.

As for the momentary swith. yes it is convenient but it is not necessary I know pilots that simply use the most comfortable 2 posistion switch. Use 1 position for rotation and after that is complete just flip the switch to end the "preset." then Fly in speed mode until push over. It is a simple mix that almost any computer radio sold can do and once again IMHO will provide higher launches than without preset. YMMV

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