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I believe I made some progress last night, and I think i've identified the issue: Vibration.

Moving the servo ball link to the innermost slot produced no change of behavior. Adding additional supports to the tail rotor push rod (to try and eliminate some flex) did nothing. Then I remembered that prior to the crash, my gyro was stuck on the heli with a thick piece of foam tape. AFTER the crash, I "upgraded" it, and had a thick piece of foam tape, a heavy metal plate, and another piece of foam tape, THEN the gyro. The idea was that this would isloate the gyro better.

So I returned the gyro to it's previous piece of foam tape. The tail wagging seems greatly reduced. So perhaps I had too much vibration damping and it was getting into a weird resonance? I don't know, but removing the metal plate and one piece of foam tape seems to have reduced the problem.

For what it's worth, the heli doesn't seem to have any excessive vibrations. Even while holding it and running up the rotors (scary!) it feels smooth to me. Not sure if I'll get a test flight today or not, as the winds are 10-15 mph and gusty. I'll report back after a good test.
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